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Friday, September 6, 2013

Ate a Bagel this morning

Here is a Dude whose been honkin his horn alot this week. From my trip to the Clinton Museaum several years ago.

I have not had a bagel in years. Delicious but too many carbs, but it was the best choice for the donut laden table at 3rd grade Grandparents morning at Ben's School, and it was savory delicious with a touch of cream cheese on top.

I swear we look younger than most of the grandparents but you know how the ego functions when we look in a mirror.

My executive assistant Genevieve has been with our church for 15 years this September, following her former pastor here and sticking with me for the last ten. I have been blessed with professional and competent and creative office help for all my professional ministry. Thank you Genevieve. Her husband just brought in a dozen yellow roses to congratulate her. Sweet.

We are just weeks from embarking on our trip to Hawaii, the Big Island and my excitement and anticipation are building. Using some time today to get the best deal for our car for the week.

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