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Thursday, September 26, 2013

I don't want the Bible to come alive

The first few days in Hawaii your body is on AZ time so you wake up very early and ready to go.

This months Charisma magazine was all about modern Isreal and the end times, topics about which I have throughly investigated the interpretistic pluralism issue. In other words, no one really agrees about the issue, except the magazine assumes their views are the only and correct views because they stuck some verses taken out of the OT to prove their point, and said, God forbid, we cannot entertain what they called replacement theology.

Did the new covenant not fulfill, complete and replace the old covenant? Are there double covenants in place? They further implied that every Christian should take a trip to Isreal, within some precautional reason, so the Bible can come alive.

I do not really want my bible to come alive because my Savior came alive from the dead, and left the dead works of the law behind.

I do not really want to walk where Jesus walked, but to be taken to the place He has prepared for me, a country and a city in which God is the lamp and these fractured nations are healed.

I do not want to get involved in a land war in the middle east and be ushered by a guide through the parts of the city that are not divided and torn by religious warfare.

Nope, I prefer to walk the hills, and sandy shores of our 50th state, and feel the presence of God among the polynesian culture, listening to IZ, who now walks with Jesus, singing "I think to myself, its a wonderful world".

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Bebe said...

Once again......I don't know WHAT to believe :)......but have a wonderful trip......and enjoy listening to IZ (that is one of my VERY favorites...."It' a wonderful World.....Over The Rainbow"......