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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hard Work

My young wife learning to serve among church folks as a pastor's wife long ago.

Every day we kiss goodbye early, as Laura heads into the fray of public school education. My work is contemplative and relational on a person to person level, hers is groups and discipline and a level of developmental chaos that is hard to describe unless you are there to see it.

The breaks from classroom are precious to us, and this next one is much anticipated as we head to the big Island of Hawaii for the first time.

Yesterday a former teacher friend shared of a former student who lost her young Marine husband who fell into a sinkhole and died while lookng for a deer he had hunted with a bow and arrow. So very sad.

Life is so full of unexplainable suffering, and with wonderful experience. This written as a widow in Washington shares her grief at the loss of her very special husband to a deranged shooter. The mystery, the mystery.

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