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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sad news days

A putting green and tiny fake chapel designed for summer activity on Mt. Lemmon.

My small Christian campus in the early 70s was a place of security and family. We threw Frisbees after dinner, groups relaxed around cement tables or around the cafeteria. Once evening we hear sirens and were told that the campus of Jackson State University was having riots and fear and uncertainty entered our young lives as we heard that angry blacks were driving around town to shoot innocent people, at least that is what we heard.

The shooting of innocent people seems to be the angry or confused persons last statement of rage against the world for whatever reason, and it is why so many think that guns should be a controlled comodity. Yet we supply them to those fighting against unjust government. What if our government declares marshall law and begins unjust and cruel actions against our minorities? It is a complicated issue, as are most today.

Toni, who was locked down yesterday and spoke personally of the sweetness and kindness of some of the victims, had to put her dog to sleep this week as well. There is no getting around the fact that life can be tough and very sad. Thank God for our inner resilience and hope and strength we have to keep going on and helping others in the midst of very bad circumstances.

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