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Sunday, September 15, 2013

America is not under the divine promise of God

You can ride the ski lift all summer to the summit, wish I had arrived early enough to do it.

Because in the new covenant God is not in the business of choosing one nation over another. We have a heritage of freedom, and opportunity and blessing, but it is possible for us to fall if we continue to lose the values, traditions, checks and balances, sacrifices and hard work that created a great country.

We also have a beautiful land of plenty to plow, and grow and mine and improve. And yes, I still pray for God to bless America, and for us to make wise decisions in our country and around the world.

Note to self, be careful where you put the new bluetooth mini speaker, the music vibrated it right off a chair rail.

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KC Bob said...

Doubtful that God was ever partial to any tribe or nation even though some think it to be so. ツ