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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Embracing new technology while bridging to old technology

Yesterday I embraced a new technology, not new, but new to me, when I purchased a bluetooth speaker for our Hawaiian trip. Music is very important to me and I have many albums that celebrate the Hawaiian culture. Bluetooth allows you to play music from your smartphone or tablet without wires...very cool. I did enough research to choose this very small Logictech mini boom box which will fit in one of the slots of my camera bag and work through an ipod jack, which is the bridging part. Once I saw that, I bought it on sale...of course.

I own three Altec Lansing portable speakers which I plan to continue to use, here in the office, in our kitchen, and a roamer.
This little black box fills the room with sound, not like a huge expensive one, but more than adequate for room and beach, and so convenient for its small size and with a long battery life as well. So much for the plug.

Tomorrow I hope to go on a mini trip to the Tucson area which was postponed two weeks ago for the angiogram and stent placement.
I am planning a day of silence, conversation with God, and photography as I drive to the top of Mt. Lemon, and will probably play some Fernando Ortega music as I gaze across the landscape of the valley below and commune with the Lord, asking direction for the season ahead.

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