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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

An odd Labor Day Weekend Review

A memorial service banquet with delicious food and good friends supporting the family.

Life is interesting. Thursday afternoon I am flat on a table with a tube exploring the arteries of my heart and averting a heart attack, and Sunday I lead services and do a large memorial service in the afternoon. Monday I am back in the gym exercising my heart and body.

Saturday our A/C starts gushing water all over the place and must be shut down. We sleep with the sliding door open and 92 degrees on the inside temp with fans blowing all around the bedroom. My heart goes out to suffering Sryian children, but I am suffering and my cat who has fur is really uncomfortable. Such is our issue with personal comfort in a suffering world, we are weak.

We go to the dollar cinema to escape the heat and the only 7 pm movie is White House Down, which turned out to be a heart pounding thriller with humor and frightening possibilty of a nut job takeover of America, very good action flick.

Then Sunday morning I am led to raise the issue of Anglo Israelism with the news of Glenn Becks decision that caucasians are Isrealites. This has been done before, not with happy results.

Then a memorial for a delightful loving family saying a fond farewell to a humble artistic father who embodied the American dream, one job for one company for his whole career, one wife for life, one long and happy retirement with golf and travel and watching kids have grandkids and great grandkids, and that is what labor day and the American dream are all about, and I am glad to still be here living it.

Monday, A/C fixed, a Swede wins a golf tourney and vaults to #1 over a very rich and very spoiled mixed parentage guy who could not putt this week.

I pass the day with a relieved cooler cat, and a wife I love who talks about weeks where when it rains, it pours, clogged A/C pipe, and clogged arteries......and I laugh, and agree with her, an odd Labor Day for the memory books.

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