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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finding the joy of staying put

One of my favorite staying put pics from ten years ago. We did all the landscaping for our backyard pool and loved being there on a hot Saturday after the chores were done.

I tried to get Laura interested in a short trip, and she really wants to just stay put. So I am settling down to the idea of future trips, and happy enjoying the heat of Arizona.

I have been reading about barefoot running, so last night I went to the gym in flip flops....big mistake, the walking and elliptical time created bruises and blisters between my toes and I am limping around today. Dumb, I know.

Some things you can seem to count on. Right before Laura heads back to school her car starts breaking down. We take it in tomorrow.

Laura watched Glen Beck's final hour today. I may watch it later. I struggled with two things in his approach. First, a conspiratorial view of history. If indeed history is being written by a handful of liberal billionaires then a cupboard full of groceries is not going to save us. Second, the knowledge that Mormonism was an apocalyptic movement, started by a man who believed he was ushering in the final days and a new world. Both Mormons and Left Behind Christians are always certain the curtain is about to fall.

If it all plays out as Beck teaches, He will have been a true prophetic voice for our time. I will continue praying, and hope you will invite me to dinner when the store shelves are all empty and their is rioting in the streets.

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