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Sunday, June 12, 2011

God Behaving Badly

Sunrise over Shipwrech Cove, Poipu Beach, Kauai, almost one year ago.

I have been reflecting upon the issues raised in Dr. Lamb's book on the Old Testament. We have raised in this decade a batch of atheists who indict God and say He is unworthy of our worship because He sanctioned so much violence in the Bible.

They miss the point, sadly, because God is bringing the story forward, he is developing a people, and then launching a new thing in Jesus, which should make us thankful that we are no longer in an obsolete covenant. If you fail to see the progressive revelation of Christ you have already twisted the message, and you are behaving badly.

Christians, unfortunately, behave badly when they treat unbelievers as inferior people, for they are the very ones we are called to practice our new life upon. Isreal was judged for pride and separation. When we are separated for God, we reenter the broken world with love and kindness and compassion....at least we are supposed to. Some Christians are living in the old covenant are surely as the muslims are living in sharia law.

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