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Monday, June 13, 2011

Behavior is taught

Little Ben did not want to ride in the golf cart driven my his mom. Why not Ben, she asked, I drive you all the time in the car? In the car I have my seat belt, he replied.

I was raised in a culture with no seat belts. To this day my wife has to remind me to buckle up. For us, it seems, well optional, or an imposition. For Ben, whose parents trained him from the beginning, it is totally necessary. No movement of the vehicle until we are safely belted in.

This little vignette from life shows me that human behavior can change. A generation of smokers were warned of the dangers of smoking, and yes, people still smoke, but far less, and with more public disapprobation.

Nutritional consciousness has risen with education. My folks never discussed why we ate the foods we ate, they were just learned behaviors for their folks, but I guess my point is, when we learn better ways and teach them, it becomes natural for our kids to do the right thing. In Christ we are shown the ultimate better way.

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