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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blooming in the Heat of the desert

Here is a slighty heavier version of me hangin with the Guavas!!!!

So, the years of my Christian life are now divided. 22 years in the south, and 22 years in the desert southwest. Yesterday I visited with a leader while he worked around our property, studied, spent an hour with a man who just found out he is dying, and met a woman whose friend asked me to check on her that had no food in her home except oatmeal. She has a severely broken ankle and was just released from rehab into a new place. I went shopping to enable her to eat.

This day, this anniversary is a microcosm of my life. I eat, move, love my wife, think about God, plan things with his people, and help whomever crosses my path each day, and it is a good life, a wonderful life.

In Pheonix, a city I love, I have had some dissapointments, but I have reached maturity, broken with a lot of shibboleths of my younger life, and felt a freedom that is real. My health has been an increasingly serious issue, and I am doing all I can to heal my heart and body. Like the man I met today, someday I will see my own end approaching, and I am thankful that there are no regrets.

So, I drink my morning coffee, and head off to see what will happen today.

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Anonymous said...

What a difference between the oldest and youngest child in a family. I grew up going to church every sunday and sometimes on wednesday. I learned to read sitting on grandmother's lap in the pew. I didn't wiggle but I followed her finger on the song book. We come to the gar den a lone. that is the first sentence I remember knowing I could read that. I was three. Uncle Charlie was the sunday school superintendent. He would sing in the car on the way home on sunday. "do you ever think when the hearse goes by that you may be the next to die" In Kentucky the church was the center of our spiritual and social life. In Oneonta we went every sunday and I continued throught college. Then I married Chris. Things changed for me.