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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I was borderline obese

Always jabbering, with thicker neck a few years ago.

Obesity is a sobering word. We went to Walmart last night where the world shops and saw how widespread (pardon the pun) the problem is, especially among the young.

I think the highest I have ever weighed as a 6footer with a stocky (as in livestock), build is 260 lbs. This morning I weighed 220 lb. Lots of that weight is now muscle as the result of almost two years of regular weight lifting. (I enjoy showing the rips in my calve muscles) but I am not going to post them online unless I get accused of being a Wiener???!!!

Even with the exercise losing weight has been difficult for me. I am not a good calorie counter, I do not enjoy feeling hungry and deprived. That is why I am so excited about primal eating. It goes against the AMA but totally agrees with all the studies about reversing heart disease.

Here's the beef- drastic reduction in processed foods, very little or nothing white (you knew that was coming), ie. potatoes, pasta, rice, bread. Substitution of lots of healthy fats like real sinfully filling butter and eggs, meat and chicken and fish, and lots and lots of healthy veggies, salads, and fruits and nuts. See Mark's Daily Apple online for more info.

I am never hungry, I am losing weight, my blood sugar is constantly at non diabetic levels, I am feeling and sleeping great. My pants don't fit but I am not going to restock until I lose another 15 lbs. I am not bragging here, just grateful to have found a path, though not without pain and self denial, that has such tangible rewards for the struggle.

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