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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life is Challenging

I learned that the Giant Sequoia's only live at a certain band of altitude, they trive in the heights.

No matter where you live, you will be surrounded by people facing changes and challenges. My life has returned to normal after a serious life threatening heart problem. I sat with a man yesterday who has been handling severe back pain for almost a year that has changed the quality of his life.

Another man has a wife who no longer knows him and tries to escape him in public. I have a friend at the gym whose beautiful mountain home is being threatened by Arizonas high country wildfire.

Life is sweet and life is tough, and if I understand Paul’s gospel, it has a purpose in our lives because we are God’s project. We are hammered on an anvil that is pleasant and painful, for an ongoing restoration project in which our character is more important than the present tent of our habitation, and the stuff that surrounds us.

Our response and our endurance bear fruit unto the ages. We suffer a little while and find comfort to keep on keeping on until we cross the river. There is nothing wrong with hoping and praying that each situation will improve, that loss with be avoided, but there is nothing ultimately tragic if those events change us and lead us to become those who overcome their trials with faith.

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