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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Rest of the Story

Hyatt Regency Kauai, one year ago this week. SIGH!!!! It's 108 outside.

So, lauching into year 45 of my spiritual journey, I am two weeks from my 61st Birthday. I am reminded of something Paul Harvey often said on his beloved broadcast. "There is no self government without self discipline".

We are reaping around the world the fruits of our selfish "please take care of me" desires. Greece is turning to violence as they face economic austerity. Can America stop sucking the teet of big government? Can individuals take responsibility for our personal lives, work lives, family lives? I hope so.

I always repeat another quote that I do not know the source of. "First you pay the price, then you enjoy the price." As someone living with a pretty serious case of heart disease, I no longer have the luxury of postponing efforts to eat and exercise in a healthy manner. As I have stopped consuming empty foods, my blood sugar levels have stabilized, and most amazingly, I wake up eager to eat right another day, because the hunger pangs that come with empty foods have subsided. I paid a price to leave the comfort foods out of my diet, and now I am enjoying seeing the weight drop off....(painfully slowly, I add out of a desire for candor). Now I am beginning to enjoy the price I paid.

At the end of July I celebrate two years of a commitment to regular weight lifting and aerobic exercise. It takes some self discipline to get out the door to the fitness facility three to five times a week. But as I have paid the price, I am enjoying the price.

I am not bragging, I am basically a bit lazy, as we all can be at heart. God in His grace has helped me to help myself by adding self discipline to my pizza loving life.

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