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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

God Bless America

This is a Hotel store in Kauai, full of expensive things. Everytime I see those glass sculptures I am sure I must have one....until I look at the price tag and realize it is for some very rich person with money to waste.

I picked up a factoid I am presently pondering. In modern history, there was not that large a gap between rich and poor until the 1800s. Everyone was basically eaking out a living with farming, and very small business, not a lot of multi millionaires around.

In the last 200 years many many people have had money and time and advantages far beyond most in human history. I am thinking this includes most Americans middle class or above. We have more luxuries, toys, spendable income, than centuries and centuries of people who loved God, worked hard, lived and died with very little extra income.

As we face the bursting of this bubble if things don't change, I wonder if we will be able to settle for less, simplify our lives?

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