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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Reading

Laura is using her time off to read. Trying some noted newer novelists, and always a crime drama from Ann Rule. We talk a lot about issues raised and I am always in and out of my Kindle collection.

I got the complete works of George McDonald for 2 dollars, over 50 novels. McDonald made a living writing and lecturing after being booted out of the church for believing and teaching that God is Love. He had a huge family and a fascinating life which included terrible bouts of illness which forced him to summer outside of Ireland and England. His biography is tremendous.

I was an OK student, remembered things and made decent grades, but my real education has been the last fourty years when I made reading a priority. The old saying was, reading makes the full man. I have learned so much about life, health, scripture, the world, my hobbies, by listening to those who are farther along or completely dedicated to a subject.

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