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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Memories of Technology

History Channel had a special on gadgets that changed the world. I was thinking of my favorites and why. First, a small portable FM radio with an earplug that kept me in touch when I lived at Camp Alpine for Boys in 69.

My first portable cassette player. Cassetes replaced records beginning in 83, and I began to walk with this cool toy attached to my belt with stereo, cool.

My first IBM XT, a generic model with a very cool keyboard, brains on floppy disk, no hard drive, but it opened the world for me in 84. Spell Check was my lifeline to typing from then on.

My first laptop was a Compaq in got for work in 97. I loved it.

My Ipod is now three years old, and rates way up there for making my exercise and relaxation easy and delightful. Over 6000 songs of all types. Of course my digital camera ranks right up there.

Yep, got to add my mobilephone which the show agreed has changed the way we live.

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