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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Recovering the aionian Gospel of God

God did behave badly in the Old Covenant. People were judged. Uzzah incurred God's anger in the rather innocent act of stabilizing the ark as it was being returned to Israel. To the modern Atheist this indicts God and makes Him unworthy or worship.

If you see God speaking through the ages, then the harshness of the Old Covenant helps you understand the power and glory of the New Covenant. You also see that Uzzah will live again. Yes, there is a sense in which he was the victim of a series of violations of God's desire for the symbol of His presence and blessing. the incident unnerved David and he sent the ark away, where it resumed its power to bless.

Now we know that God has the power to bless and curse, and more than that, the power to bring blessing out of curse, and to reverse the curse in his own good time. I grasp the ultimate victory of God, and can rejoice in His jealousy for His own name and fame, for it will be ours as well when He totally destroys the work of the evil one.

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