Hawaii 2010

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Heaping up of troubles is not apocalyptic warning

I love this beach along the Napali Coastline in Kauai. May get to see it again this summer.

Earthquakes,tornadoes, oil spills, corrupt politicians...surely the end of the world is near!!!!!!!?????

I am sympathetic with the sincere person who concludes that when times are in upheaval it must mean the end is near. Sympathetic but unconvinced. There are physical, natural, human problems in every year of every era of history. They cycle in and out, sometimes cluster, and seem overwhelming, but......most who claim a particular verse of scripture to connect to today's news, are acutually reading someone elses mail. Biblical apocalypse had specific application to bring the Old Covenant to an end...it was the time of the end, not the end times. That is why there are so many apparently embarrassing time limits in scripture. ie. all these things shall happen before this generation passes.

Just pray for victims of disaster, support disaster relief, carry the love of Christ into hard times and hard places, hope those attempting to stop the old slick will succeed. But don't play the "this is the end" game. It really is embarrassing.


Kansas Bob said...

Just wondering. What are your thoughts about the book of Revelation and how it should be viewed? Unlike the prophetic passages in Matthew 24 it was written after the fall of Jerusalem.

Don said...

Bob, lots of support for a 65-68 date for revelation. Before Jerusalem Fell is a detailed study of the issue. There is clearly still talk of an existing temple in Rev. I believe history will move into another age at some point, just that there are no signs or markers for it. We should live as though we are passing this world to our grandchildren. I have friends in Wichita, some day I will call you for a visit lord willing.

Kansas Bob said...

Had not heard a 65-68 date. I have always thought of John's exile being later when he was very old. Guess it would have to be earlier for a certain eschatological view.

I'd love to share a meal with you Don if you get to the KC area. And if you need a place top stay we have a few extra bedrooms :)