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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Busy and Joyful Weekend

One of our neighbors returned to building a train set for his grand child. And, wow, it is grand! He even built a 17ft garage to park his four complete trains and a trolley in every evening. What a labor of love and joy he shares with the community.

Sunday Evening Spring Dinner was blessed with Kevin and Rosie F. What talent and heart. They even sang "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" for Laura and I in recognition of our Pascagoula Ms. roots.

When the Grand Kids spend the weekend it is non stop activity from Friday through Sunday, and we love every exhausting moment, the waffle breakfast, the swimming pool water fight, the Disney Movie evening, the joy of them joining me behind to pulpit when we greet one another, and the fact that Benjamin conks out completely when he gets in a moving vehicle. We love it.

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Anonymous said...

He must take after his grandfather. You usually were asleep before we left the driveway. In the good old days before seat belts you would sit on the large fold down armrest in the back seat, put your head down and out you would go. If you wanted to spread out you would climb up on the space under the rear window. We would go on pajama rides to get icecream and you were usually to sleepy to enjoy. Dad put seat belts in our car when the girls were little for their safety before they were ever linstalled in cars. I always thought he invented rear seat restraints.