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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sometimes I just can't think about reality

These men are being changed by discipleship, education, and hope.

Laura's Uncle Wade, buried in Lyon France, killed three days after D Day attempting to cross a river to take an occupied city, 10,000 killed in the attempt, a very real memory for our family.

We took our prepared bags of lunch to the Pheonix Rescue Mission again today. I always look forward to seeing ZZTop, the dude with the long beard that will not look us in the eyes as he performs his gatekeeper duties. I see men waiting for lunch, the men in the education and recovery program are refinishing furniture, and for a few moments poverty and desperation are very real.

We splurge for Chinese for lunch, surrounded my people wearing suspenders to hold in their enormous girth, and the reality of our obese nation becomes observable.

I work out in the gym, now an enjoyable part of my life, and know, that no matter how hard or faithfully I work out, my body is aging and will wear out, and the reality of knowing that hits with fresh meaning.

Fox News portrays the dire economic and political disasters on the near horizon in our over taxed, near bankrupt economy and the reality scares me.

Dancing with the Stars comes on and I leave, for the reality of most of America picking up their smart phones to keep their favorite hotty on the show another week makes me a bit sick.

My Confessional Seminary just fired a gifted teacher for saying we must look at what science is showing us about God's creation or we will look like a cult. And the fact that I was molded in that institution is just too real for me today.

Yet.....this is life, and I will wake up tomorrow Lord willing to open my eyes and turn on my brain and face it again.


Anonymous said...

Love your comment on ZZTop at the gate--I have often tried to stare at him and think maybe he'll look my way in the car but to no avail.Hope you had a turnout to help--Eden

Kansas Bob said...

Sound like there is much to be thankful for in your day.