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Thursday, April 22, 2010

See the USA in my Chevrolet?

Spent half the day looking at this. If my road trip is going to work, the AC on Laura's little Aveo must be fixed, and I must save the gas mileage and not take the Van, as Laura will fly over for a shorter vacation.

I am very pleased that American Cars are regaining market share. There are some fine vehicles around here. I decided to use the dealer for my repair because the price was the same as quoted elsewhere but here they offer a lifetime warranty.

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Tyra Shortino said...

I've never seen a car that can trump this model's sleek design. What model is that? Anyway, car companies are now striving to regain their losses during the recent recession. And yup, it is better to have our cars repaired immediately to avoid too much damage from driving up the cost of maintenance.