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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Tremor Experienced and other thoughts

I always had a bit of curiosity about what an earthquake would feel like. The mild tremor that hit yesterday afternoon was totally misunderstood. I felt the movement and thought it was me or my heart pounding. I felt dizzy and faint for a moment. It never occurred to me that we would have a shake here in Phoenix. Very interesting.

Just heard that Micheal Spencer died from a Brain tumor. I had been following his writing for over two years. He had a powerful way with words and a desire for the church to quit playing games of all sorts. Rest in Peace, Internet Monk.

Saw a Kiter trying to catch the wind today with his wheeled scooter. Plenty of wind but all over the place. They looked like they were having fun in the attempt.

Our Audio Visual work is done in the Bible study room and will make movies and PowerPoint's easier to use. I agree that they have been way overdone in the church services, but are really enjoyable as a tool to enhance Bible Study.

I got stuck in the middle of the book The Deliverance of God, but am moving again. His point being that we have turned a Pauline diatribe into Paul's gospel and have thus brought some significant false teaching into our defense of the faith. So fully documented that it is a very difficult read, but potentially earth shaking truth.

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