Hawaii 2010

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Old feels new sometimes

Wedding Cake 50mm 1.8 Canon Lenses

I love researching products on the web. It is really changing the way America shops. We enjoyed a couple of years of online Consumer Reports from our daughter. You can ask any question about if a product works and someone will have an answer from personal experience. I already found out the Quietus is a rip off product for tinnitus sufferers, so I did not buy it.

I was looking for a new Canon Lens for my vacation photos, desiring to move up in picture quality and of course pay more. I looked and looked and read some reviews on the lenses I already have and decided that my lenses are fine for now. And I looked at them through new eyes when others said they took vivid pictures.

Today I took the set of irons I used from 1993 through 2003, and they felt new in my hands. Sometimes a change in attitude can make your old stuff feel new, your present stuff enough for your trip. And by golly, if I do buy something new, I am going to make sure others have a high opinion and the value is real.

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