Hawaii 2010

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Enjoying Pixar Disney's Up tonight

I am hoping to expand the story hearing capacities of my folks with my movie choices.
Movies like Up help children and adults discuss life and death and fear and dreams. A bunch of the ladies are twisting their hubbies arms to come. This is a life affirming film and a love story and a friend story and a dog story, and of course a misquided villian story.


Anonymous said...

Shoot--sorry to miss this one! Bud's surgery tomorrow--will send an update when he's in a room--
Nostalgic day for me--if my Dad was still with us we'd be toasting his 100th birthday today--it would have been quite a Happy Hour

Kansas Bob said...

I generally shy away from animated offering but maybe I should reconsider on this one?

Don said...

Think about Disney/Pixar making a film starring a 70 year old, and a boy scout. Yes it is fantasy but the respect for family, marriage, and caring for others really shines through with the shenanigans.