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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bubbling the Bride and Groom and other thoughts

Spiritual weariness is not like physical weariness. It is deep and takes time to live through. Easter is over, a spiritual brother on the Internet, Micheal Spencer died in his early 50's. I found my heart heavy and my inspiration waining to continue our Bible Study with a fresh subject. It happens from time to time and I know it will pass and fresh wind will blow.

My connection with Micheal Spencer goes way back to a lady in our church whose father was President of the Bible Institute where Micheal taught in the woods of Kentucky. Having served there 17 years he was itching for another pastorate, and desired to live in a city where he could experience his passion, baseball. I loved his lectures and essays on the web, and his world was expanding through the web following and lectures in summer conferences, and his book is about to be published, when.....a serious brain tumor, an operation that did not get it all, chemo that could not stop the aggressive growth, problems with a paycheck ending and health insurance lapsing, loss of appetite, hospice, and death.

I believe in life after death, in resurrection, but there is this sadness that still comes when a comrade is taken.

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Kansas Bob said...

I think that spiritual weariness was a part of the reason I retired from pastoral ministry Don. I still struggle with having the energy to deal with health crises and some of the day-to-day challenges of life.

Michael's passing is yet another reminder that we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Life is a lot shorter than we think. I was also sad to hear of iMonk's passing.