Hawaii 2010

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Ben's Fifth Birthday Weekend and other thoughts

My 600th post. Almost daily. Laura asks if this is a burden. If it was I would quit. It is the casting of my heart into the vast blogosphere. It is knowing some of my parishioners reading and knowing my thoughts and heart and the normality of my life. It is a daily search for something memorable or significant.

Our Daughters family celebrates all their birthdays at Joe's Real Barbeque. First because it is a free meal for the celebrant, second, this restored old store is a taste of real Gilbert life. Joe, the owner started at Coffee Plantation in Tempe ASU where we used to gather on Sunday Evenings after church. It was one of the first and the most successful coffee shop in the US when it started. Anyway we celebrated Ben's fifth and he triped and hurt his hand while playing. We have them both for the weekend as this is also their 11th anniversary weekend.