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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Death Comes Unexpectedly, and other thoughts


This is a picture of three dear friends who served as groomsman in my wedding. Tommy on the right was killed in a car accident in Miami when he was in his 30s.

Tonights title is the preachers line in Pollyanna when she learns first hand what a fearsome Hell Fire preacher she has in her new home town.

Today one of my members told of her nieces husband, whose body was found on a bike path while he was training. An athlete, in great shape, and a heart surgeon, and unexpected death at 41 years old. I just really struggle with sadness when I hear such a story.

Last evening we enjoyed a viewing of Babe, about a pig with an unprejudiced heart. It is an amazing story in every way. I was so blessed to share it with people who did not grow up with the ability to know how to find good movies. We laughed and felt so inspired by that good pig.

It's the two year anniversary of my second heart attack. For the first time, I am doing all the right things to postpone the third, and yet, knowing what I know about the heart, the Preacher's words could be true of me some day. Now there is a real idea to bring before the Lord to ask that I might walk in freedom from the fear of death, which I absolutely know is one of the truths we are supposed to enjoy.

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Kansas Bob said...

My brother Bill lost his wife, Francine, this past week. They were married 42 years, have 3 married children and seven grandchildren. Please pray for them Don if you think of it. They all need the Lord.