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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goodbye April, Hello May

You can see the Bobo on the door

April was a beautiful month of spring beauty. It was an expensive month for the Hendricks household because lots of things decided to break. Laura's car AC, our refrigerator, one of my teeth refused to take a filling and is being capped, Uncle Sam is broke and wanted some money from me. Yep, an expensive April, but still precious and joyful.

On this first day of May we said goodbye to our old fridge, which, sensing it was headed for the recycle dump, tried to come back to life yesterday and today. The new Fridge came with a dent on the freezer door, which they promised to replace.

I was trimming bushes like a mad artist and somehow my left index finger touched the blades of the trimmer. Thank God for rpms, I got two deep slices but the finger is still mine and will heal. It is limiting my texting practice on the smart phone though.

My tenth month of trice weekly exercise. I am enjoying the experience more than I can tell you, and thanking God I can move and feel healthy. Am pursuing a personal goal of losing a pound a week until we leave for our Hawaiian vacation. Not as easy as it sounds what with loving food and all.

My teaching this month will put some teeth in the touch of the Masters Hand by focusing on Imagio Deo, the image of God in which we were created and to which we are being restored, through Christ. Am loving the reading and thinking for this series.

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