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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another great Masters and other thoughts

You are looking at a very
happy and thankful man.

The family values guy wins big. Some of the most amazing shots under tournament pressure by lots of guys. Phil puts himself in rarified air with a third win. I still remember when I first moved here Phil won the Tucson open while still a Senior at ASU. I watched him get the trophy on Sunday and Monday I had a very early meeting in Tempe, and I saw him and his coach hitting balls in the practice facility at Karsten Course. I said to myself, that young man is going to win a lot of tournaments with that kind of work ethic. It was so beautiful to have his sweet wife get a long hug. I used to watch them dating at the Phoenix Suns games during that same year. I still hope for Tiger to save his marriage along with his career. I must tell you I thought of the movie "Chariots of Fire" when I see two great athletes who react so differently to winning and losing. Something is still not wired right in Tiger's psyche, and I blame his Dad who robbed him of too much normal life.

Speaking of marriage. I spent time scanning photos today that we had sent to Laura's mom over the years that came back to us after her passing. Also many black and whites from Laura's childhood. Scanning is such a thrill. I feel that these things will survive electronically and on paper.

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I talked w/ my Dad last week. He's helping organize the Senior Master's tournament on the coast. Have you heard about it? He made it sound like a big deal. I'm not a golfer but it sounded good.

Love the wedding pics. :)