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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yeah September!!

I derive pleasure from viewing the Superstition Mountains.

We are close to being released from the purgatory called Summer in Arizona. Except I don't believe in purgatory, so I could say the Hell called summer but most people believe that hell lasts forever and an Arizona summer turns to a glorious fall and winter in which we shirtsleeve it while you guys around the four corners of the country, Florida excepted, start raking leaves and wearing sweaters and then, when your hell freezes over, digging through snow and ice. OO blah da oo blah dee life goes on.

Just a few weeks away.

Odds and Ends on Thursday. I am typing on one of the light Logitech remote keyboards and mouse, so I am so new fangled I don't have to hold the hot laptop actually on my lap. Should I call it my table top????


Anonymous said...

I also got a Logitech keyboard for my iPad--Bud dealing with upset tummy from all the meds but otherwise doing quite well--off heavy painkillers and just taking Tylenol. His sister flies in from Houston Sat. to give me a break--yea! Eden

Don Hendricks said...

Eden, I did not know you got an Ipad. I guess I will still talk to you???

That remote keyboard is cute, light and fun.

Janet said...

Show me the keyboard!

Don Hendricks said...

Best Buy, type in logitech remote and the cheapest one. I got mine for 20 buck and they were on sale for 15 later. Cute little insert usb makes it work