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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Ironwood/Hendricks Pool

I live in a Senior Active Community that in some places and times is not very active. The time is summer, from noon to three, and the place is a pristene pool that we seem to enjoy all by ourselves everytime the kids come to visit. There are some child friendly pools open all day that get alot of activity, but we kind of enjoy this privacy.

The view of the Ironwood Golf course is very nice too.

Most shocking fact I learned from the 9/11 Memorial was the sound of downed firefighters beepers filling the quiet sunrise the day after the towers fell. Sounds everwhere but no bodies to be found. Seeing the crushed floors packed and heated together into molten steel and metal.

Happiest think I saw. People grieving the loss of loving spouses and finding new love and life years later.

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