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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Meditation is a verb

When I am vacationing with my camera, I stop to take lots of flower pictures. Sometimes one really works. This is an example of one whose composition and bokeh.....blurring of the background really bring out the beauty, color and miracle of flowering trees.

I am parking in IIPeter 1 for a while, asking all kinds of questions about the greek concept called Zoe. Life.

Peter the mature overseer of the young called out followers of Jesus has identified his product and is sharing how to see this Zoe grow in us for being equipped fully to bear fruit toward God.

The infusion of life will not happen without effort, and yet most Christians get nervous when you talk about effort. Hey, aren't we save by grace not works? This is about the effort to participate, to add qualities of godliness. It takes effort.

I am wondering if many Christians have given very little effort to experience this Zoe life that Peter prized so highly. There lives are barren, not full. I want to make sure I am not barren of the life of God.

Meditation reads and rereads and forms questions and seeks answers from the spirit about the meaning of a rich text like this.

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