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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Fool says in his heart......

there is no God. And therefore does a lot of foolish things that bring problems into his or her life.

The going along with the crowd mentality is often foolish. God did not just decide that I would have the disease called diabetes in the year 2000, I earned it by 30 years of foolish eating. Did I mention all you can eat Pizza joints?!!!

God did not decide that our generation would be the most obese ever created. We decided that by listening and following the SAD...Standard American Diet, and we are all reaping the whirlwind. Life is supposed to have choices, and wisdom is to guide those choices, and reaping and sowing is necessarily a part of that equation.

God forgives and is gracious, but we often say, though we are forgiven we sometimes suffer from the consequence of our choices.

I am currently enjoying preaching thematic series. Not so much through a book, but exploring a subject through the scripture. My next series is about Zoe. Life. The theme verse is in Peter. God has given us everything we need in the things which pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of Christ (my own memory, not the exact quote) I love the greek word for life, zoe, and cannot wait to see what comes out of exploring that word through the gospels and letters.

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