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Monday, September 26, 2011

Locked Out

My WWAM decided to not work yesterday, kept getting a message telling me my Simm was. not inserted. What is a Simm?

The PGA Tour season is finished with total post Tiger equity,25 different winners in the 30 tournaments and a good but not outstanding golfer walking away with 11 million dollars for winning the last tournament. Now that's a paycheck!!!

I have been fortunate to live through many cycles of great golfers, I watched the prime Nicklaus years shift to the Watson Years, and slowing evolve to the Tiger years which have spawned a new breed of strong, long knockers. Fun to follow.

My own golf game is becoming a biblical truth, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I cannot seem to make my body swing the way I know I can swing, and it becomes pretty frustrating at times.....not enough to quit trying though.

On the health front I have really had such great blood sugar control with my current diet and exercise program. Sometimes the meds get to strong and send me into the low sugar zone, may have to begin adjusting. Life is good.

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