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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Frito's and me, a history

For my friend Earle, John Wayne brings happy memories of youth, and his room is a western delight.

I just ate some lower salt Frito's. Lower is a relative term when you are speaking of American snacks and processed foods. Usually enough to choke a fish.

These days I eat mostly whole foods, things in their most natural state and most unprocessed. It is impossible to bat 1000% in this eating game. Mark Sisson of Primal Blueprint shoots for better than 80% whole and natural foods. Laura begged, I bought, and they taste good and remind me of a wonder year.

When I moved South I was placed in a laboratory school on a college campus. They used it to give their elementary majors practice, and the teachers were teachers of both us and the student teachers, all very inspiring, inspite of the presence of bully Robert Earl Strickland and the kids from the Baptist Children's Village, who were early versions of terrorists, I had a good year and a half finishing fifth and six grade there. I rode my bike most days, and going home I went into the college lounge and bought a soda and Fritos, the soda was 10 and the fritos 25 cents, and to this day a Frito reminds me of carefree youth.

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