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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Something old and cherished

This beautiful glass lemon squeezer belonged to Laura's mom and it reminds me of her and times when things were made with weight. Been squeezing lots of lemons for my health drink.

I took my first ph tests today on saliva and urine. The health issue is that you are not supposed to be too acidic or too alkaline for optimal function of the systems of your body. It's not quackery so don't bug me about it.

Anyhow, I am right in the perfect 6.5 zone for both, which has to do with two years plus of real hard exercise and many many months of eating whole foods and ridding myself of over processed wheat and empty sugar calories. Still trying to eat to satisfaction and still get the scale and inches around the waist going down. I am also experiencing excellent control of blood sugar readings.

The deepest joy is that I feel so good eating healthy real food. Sugar cravings are gone for the most part, and I can enjoy a special treat or meal without falling off a wagon it used to take weeks to get back on. I am also eager to try vegetables outside the common range. The developer of RBTI wrote a pamplet using a King James quote from Proverbs that I have not been able to check for context, but the title is pretty cool. "The curse shall not causeless come". His is making the point that disease has causes that can be observed, and many times corrected with proper nutrition.

This has always been true, even in our day of pill popping for everything. The stupid commercial of the guy popping antacids after every meal tells me he should really be trying to discover what is causing the heartburn and stop eating it when or how it affects him. I'll stop before you think I am becoming an obsessive health nut... or is it already too late????

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