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Monday, September 26, 2011

Never ready to say Goodbye

I met with a widow today to plan her husbands memorial, she has now buried two husbands. She believed her husband would live many more years because he was in perfect health, very active, and took no medicines for ailments. Until cancer.

I am always reminded that lovers are never ready to be parted, and sharing the fresh grief tears at my own heart every time I see it.

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Kansas Bob said...

Great pic Don. I can relate to the trauma of losing a spouse. I wrote this during my season of grief after my wife Ellen died in 1994.

The Two Become One - Reversed

At every thought of her my heart breaks.
It is like half of me is no longer alive.
We were so much a part of each other that it is hard to go on without her.

My soul aches within me and there is no comfort except the knowing that she no longer suffers.
Knowing that she is in the presence of God helps.