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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why I love Koine Greek

I have not always loved Koine Greek, at first it was like math, something that I just was not able to grasp. Advanced math was the beginning of me being a B and C student instead on an A student. I just could not grasp the concepts then I got behind and it snowballed.

After I got my degree as a not A student, I began to actually understand why God used Koine, which meant common street language Greek. First, it has spread through the known world and everyone could understand it.

For us, it is the precision of the language. Word meanings are precise not fuzzy. There is a word for physical life, and a word for working life, but there is a very special word for the "God kind of life", that word is ZOE. Its a deep and wide river and I am excited to use the word as a theme for teaching this fall. Its a word that starts like a mustard seed and becomes a tree, its a word that becomes a river flowing out of the deepest part of you. It is a word that takes you from really living in this world to really living in the next.

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