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Monday, September 19, 2011

Sex Jokes

I am pretty sure this is the plant that almost blinded a famous pastor last year. Got to be careful about what gets in your eyes. Especially really bad TV.

Really crude and in poor taste and twisted and valueless sex jokes. That's what I am seeing in the beginning of another desperate season of senseless and mindless entertainment.

There are great exceptions always, but you can really see the emptiness of what Hollywood is calling comedy these days, and I am a pretty lose judge with a fairly wide tolerance, but what I am seeing is just sad and misguided.

Sometimes it seems like we are caught in a tsunami of cultural change that no one can seem to stop or even slow down. We are swept along in a cesspool of poor sex jokes.

I am spending more time in the study and that's a joy. I am not being a prude, and glad there are some great movies I enjoy watching, and I always hope for another engrossing and fulfilling series with great characters and great conflicts and challenges.

And there are always books to read.

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