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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Kindle with Android tablet functions

I am helping a friend plan a trip to Kauai, brings back memories to talk about. This is Ke'e Beach at the north end of the road, this last trip the sand was so hot it was dangerous to walk on. The water was very nice that day.

After the tremendous success Amazon has had with the ink type text on the reader, it appears they are taking aim at the success of the Nook, and the Ipad with a multifunctional tablet type reader and web browser, for half the price of most tablets.

I am still thrilled with the ease of use, portability, readability and constant temptation to add books that I get with the Kindle II. As a real multitasker I can sit down to read and jump around to two or three books a session. I am working my way through Mark Twains travel book, which is very interesting to see how modern the world was before electricity, when boats and trains carried people all over the world.

I learned quickly to keep my subjects on hidden pages so I face the same one page interface with just a Bible and dictionary, from there I jump to my genre and then each book. Fun and rewarding way to read.

I am however, going to be pretty tempted by color and browsing.

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