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Monday, January 3, 2011

Therapeutic Music and a sticky subject

Today's picture is a Cholla Cactus, nicknamed "jumping cactus" for its ability to leave the tree and stick to anything passing by, as if it jumps on you.

I have mentioned many times how important music is to me, and how convenient having an 80 gig Ipod had been to have music available and portable. I am not cruising for the latest hits but often looking through used CD stores for music that is often classified "New Age", but is..in reality, ambient instrumental music that is very soothing. It fills you without requiring that you give it the full attention of vocal or classical genres.

There is another name it has been called, "Spa Music". Anyhow double platinum award winning flutist Nicholas Gunn has some of the most beautiful creations in this category. It is hauntingly beautiful. Today I snagged his orginal two hits, Grand Canyon and Return to Grand Canyon at the used store and boy are they good.

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