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Saturday, January 1, 2011

No Regrets

Our second home was so awesome, since we chose the lot, watched it being built, had a swimming pool to enjoy, and had seven great years while our kids were teens and we had housefuls of kids and friends.This photo was taken yesterday, the trees have really grown in the cul de sac park area.

I drove around town for a bit yesterday acknowledging and thanking God for the 22 years I have lived in the Phoenix East Valley. We moved in December of 89. I felt led of the Lord to leave the Bible Belt and work with young churches. This means over a third of my life has been in this place.

I reflected on the way in which God physically protected and prospered us in spite of the pretty severe difficulties. I never thought I would serve four churches, but thankfully the last two ministries have encompassed over 15 of these years.

We came with very little savings, and have owned three homes and built a retirement account in spite of tough economic times. We have raised three children who still love us. We have seen so many places in our western life, including the joy of the California beaches and the Canyons and Mountains of the west. We have seen museums, shows, plays, cultural events which can only be enjoyed when you live in a huge city.

I have no regrets, and am very thankful for living under the Shadow of the Superstition Mountains.

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Dixie said...

This post gives me hope. :)

We are halfway through seminary. This time next year we will hopefully be finding a church and a new place to settle into ministry. Being sick last week I spent some time watching Home & Garden TV thinking about decorating a house again. I even went online looking at houses in towns with Covenant churches.

Because 2/3 of our house sale proceeds have been spent paying for life at seminary we will have smaller downpayment on a house. (Probably typical or even more than most people our age, but still 2/3 less than what we had when we sold our house.)

It's a little scary to think about what the financial road ahead of us may be -- mortgage payments, pastor's salary, me trying to build a counselling practice.

Seeing your post reminded me that God will be there. We may not ever have the house with the swimming pool built to our specifications, but God will take care of us.