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Friday, January 7, 2011

Nearing the end of the line of WWII Vets

My first visit to Punch Bowl Memorial Cemetery and Pearl Harbor was in 1989.

I get downright emotional about Pearl Harbor. It was a day of infamy just like 9/11 for our generation. Bill H. survived Pearl Harbor with his buddy from the Casper Wyoming Saxophone line.

I am so touched that history chose a few years of boys who came of age at the outbreak of the war to carry the lions share of grunt duties as the nation ramped up for war.

Bill's family talked about his life long organizational skills learned in the navy, and his desire to pass on practicing integrity when people were not watching to his children, and grandchildren.

Going on the near holy pilgrimage across the island to the memorial was heightened when you knew the back story of one of those names.

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