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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Muscles are hiding, become angry when found

This is me during a summer walk in Gautier Mississippi in July. The offending belly is visible in this shot in which I was trying to catch the church sign.

I have been reading about the wonders of the kettleball. A Russian instrument for fitness that is basically a weighted ball with a double handle. I read about two simple exercises, and figured that this would help me move to another level of fitness, so I got a lesson, and did some introductory moves......and I found hidden muscles that are screaming at being disturbed, my thighs are hurting so badly I am falling into the chair, the legs muscles are so tender that I feel like I have been sitting on a couch for months rather than working out regularly for 18 months.

As I painfully reflect on the lessons learned, they are....vary your workouts, and start very slowly with something new. I am also knowing that the soreness will pass and the kettleball is a real serious workout.


Redlefty said...

Ha, congrats!

I went to a KB class a couple of years ago and have enjoyed using them at home from time to time (Jamie got me a couple of big/heavy ones that are fun to play with).

When it comes to fitness and keeping things fresh and challenging for your body, I love this quote:

"Everything works. Nothing works forever."

Kansas Bob said...

Kudos on exercising Don!