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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Praying for our Nation again

Civility is not a liberal concept. Dr. Os Guiness wrote an elegant book on the fabric of civility that made our nation great. When upheld, the public discourse is spirited but moves forward peacefully, when disrupted, we have had some pretty ugly results in our history.

Guiness believes Christians have been taught how to speak gently and turn away wrath, and that we can help.

I would sadly tend to agree with many who say this particular violence was more motivated by mental illness and confused thinking than political rhetoric, nevertheless, I was moved by the teaching of Dr. Guiness and the necessity of the church to speak her convictions in love, not vitriol.

Paul prayed for those in government and submitted to rulers, not because he agreed with everything happening, but he knew societal change is best when gradual and lawful, not revolutionary. I cease to rant.