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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nothing like it this side of heaven

One of our local men's gospel quartets at the Men's Breakfast last week.

Jobbing.Com Stadium is in Glendale, an hour bus ride across town. We took 37 folks eager for the experience of a Gaither Music Event. I think it was my fourth, including a marathon New Years Eve event some years ago. I don't know if I am changing as I age, but this was something deeply moving last night. I still have some resistance to hokey tunes designed to move the emotions apart from truth, like, "Momma's teaching the angels to sing right now"....like really, come on, were they really waiting for your mother to die to learn how to sing praises to God!

The return of two stalwarts to the Vocal Band was special. Mark Lowery and David Phelps are two of the most successful alumni. Heavenly voices all night. The Martins are the most perfect A Capella sound I have ever heard, Two former Signature Sound vocalists, a repentant Micheal English, The Issacs, and an assortment of Southern Gospel types. Blind pianist Gordon Mote continues the tradition of remarkable accompanists. One of the deepest bass voices I have ever heard.

Four Hours long!!!! You get your moneys worth. The humor, very folksy and cute. Mark Lowery, the resident bad boy says things to shake traditional Christian up purposely so we will quit playing evangelical games with each other. Although this event is really geared for the life long church attender, with so many classic old hymns and gospel favorites. It is and aging crowd, which is why Gaither is doing this in a time of societal change. Its an oasis of security and Christian values.

The consummate song leader, Gaither casts a down home love of the human voice in praise that brings a deeply worshipful experience. I kept thinking that everyone needs to experience this level of musical praise once in his or her lives.

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