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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Butt Cheek Machine

In August of 2009, I bought a 2009 Kia Mini Van which I love. It is close to turning 20,000 miles in 18 months. I went to the Tumbleweed Gym on August 1st of 2009 and for some semi miraculous reason, have not stopped. I walk vigorously at least 2 miles on the track or on the elliptical trainer at least four times a week, so in a month that would be 32 miles, time 18 months that’s 576 miles of aerobic exercise. My goal is to keep both machines in good running order till retirement age, and my body…until the warranty expires.

At the gym today I saw pregnant women, the newly committed obese, and an assortment of seniors, including one elderly gentleman doing the rowing machine in slow motion. I applaud them all for moving their bodies and keeping fit.

My friend Michale told of her soreness at doing some knee lunging for her chiropractor. The machine above is designed to strengthen that muscle in your buttocks where you sit. Some of my cruder golfing buddies used to say after a long drive, “you really got your butt cheeks into that one”. Anyhow, that is one of my favorite machines now and I truly believe is responsible for a feeling of stability, the easier lifting and moving we all must do, and…..some really long drives when everything works. I am sure science gave those muscles some more elegant name than butt cheek muscles. I should google it.

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Janet said...

For some unknown reason I remember those muscles from my college anatomy class. There are three: gluteus maximus' gluteus medius, and gluteus menimus.