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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Roof over our heads

Our modest ranch home in Sun Lakes, AZ. Right after the annual tree trimming.

We get married so we can be together, so we find a domicile to inhabit. After our honeymoon Laura moved into my apartment in Alabama which was part of a widows home. In fact, there was a hallway connecting, and our bedroom connection was slatted, not solid, and we hoped she would not open her door to overhear what was going on in the bedroom. It was not strictly platonic!!!!

How many apartments and homes have you lived in? I counted, because my sermon series is moving from betrothal to living together in a shelter of love and fellowship.

Our count at 36 years is an even dozen homes. That would be pretty bad if we had moved every three years, but some were short term like a year, the last four have each lasted seven years, which is good.

1 comment:

Redlefty said...

12 years in, two apartments for two years each and now eight years in the same house. Pretty darn stable so far!

And great bedroom privacy too, thank God!