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Monday, January 31, 2011

Cuban believers

A Church among the people of Maui, where Charles Lindbergh is buried.

I saw several hundred pictures taken in Cuba a couple of weeks ago. My new friend Doug went there to help pastors learn to use Bible computer software provided by a mission organization.

There is a sincere seeking after God in this country and relative freedom to gather in home Churches and the church buildings that exist.

What moved me were the children, being raised with so little and being happy just to play with each other with no toys. People meeting in covered yards, living in squalid homes, and signs of the supposed victories of the decades old Revolution.

They have very little money, very little freedom, but a big sustaining faith that brings comfort and strength. It was similar to the Christian film we saw this evening about life in racially torn South Africa and the struggles of farmers to make a living in the often brutal conditions. The message...it takes faith and trust in God, where ever you are.

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